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Easter egg hunt

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Easter, we find, is the ultimate opportunity to share our faith, especially since it is a piece of our Greek culture and is nationally celebrated as a religious holiday.

At Helping Hands we usually celebrate with large meals, however this year we creatively transformed our plans into a Passion Week Easter egg hunt at the National Park.

Over the course of four days, 12 families per day were individually invited in 30-minute intervals to experience the gospel story through games, snapshots of story-telling and a 3-minute video from the gospel of Matthew sharing the resurrection story using a video. At the end of their scavenger hunt through the park, each person received a traditional Easter sweet bread and red egg which represents the blood of Christ shed for all, reminding us of His incredible grace and love. They were also sent home with a Bible in Farsi, an easter colouring book and colours for the children and an SD card containing 2 videos from the Bible Project on the Crucifixion & Resurrection.

As we later sat to talk about our experiences in the park, I was touched to hear about a family whom members of our team had met only weeks before in another park. The wife overheard them speaking of their faith and excitedly chimed in, wanting to share her newly found faith in Christ and gratefully sharing how her husband no longer beats her since they started following Christ.

Their journey led them to the island of Lesvos where they came to accept Christ as their savior and were baptised. They traveled to Thessaloniki and ended up in Athens where God’s sovereignty brought them to us. She had said she didn’t know very much about her new faith but was eager to join a Bible study as soon as they would be allowed to meet. Her family was invited to the Easter program and the couple had so many questions, intrigued by all the teaching. The woman was so touched when she heard Mary, Christ’s mother was a witness to His suffering.

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