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Easter Outreach: Sharing the hope of Christ through the Easter story walk-through in the park

As the flowers are in bloom and the sun now shines bright, we took our ministry to the park where for two days small groups of families joined us in the journey of Holy Week. They were led to five different stations where portions of the story unfolded followed by a fun activity for the children. The journey finally blossomed into the hope-filled announcement of the resurrection and the resulting personal testimony of one of our volunteers. One of our team members describes his experience:

"We had close to 200 people across two days join us for this event. The response was very encouraging and we have since heard that one of the people who attended has started meeting with one of our volunteers for a faith discovery course. We are so thankful we get to spread the light of the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus yet over this season”

Heading out of our center and into the park, new families noticed the activities and asked to join in. These families are now requesting invitations to our other programs! We are truly grateful for a fruitful outreach.

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