Women and Children's Ministry

Wednesdays are very special days for women and children.


It’s the day where children can play, everyone will enjoy a hot shower and eat a delicious meal. They all get the chance to listen to a message about Jesus. Women can relax in a safe environment while their children are playing, and enjoy their time conversing with other refugee women, as well as women from our team. They can also wash their clothes and some of them can mend their clothes using our sewing machines.


What stands out during Wednesday’s ministry is the fact that women feel safe to ask questions, about Jesus and listen to the scriptural lesson of the day.

With a lot of love, patience and faithfulness, our team’s women invest in the refugee families with whom they connect. They visit them in their own space in order to understand how they can best help them. They listen to their problems attentively. They invite them to their homes. They escort them to hospitals or the Police when needed. They study the Holy Scripture together. They cultivate friendship and trust, something that they are very much in need of.


Apart from the care we offer to the women and children during meals, there is also a special program for their needs. Our goal is to help with their material, psychological, social and spiritual needs.


Within a warm and caring environment, we offer food to mothers and rich nutrition to children, unlike the poor quality food they usually have. At the same time, we offer them the chance to take a shower and help themselves to clothes. Through these various activities, we take the opportunity to show them God’s love in a practical way.

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