Meal Programs

Every Tuesday we open our doors and welcome about 130 refugee friends. As they come in, they can choose clothing or shoes if they need them. Then they can sit for the meal: Greek salad, main dish cooked their own way, and fruit.


After everyone has eaten, we invite the refugees who want to learn about Jesus to stay, while the others are free to leave. Every time a good number of refugees stay and listen to the evangelistic message. Then they have the opportunity to discuss it over a cup of tea.

During the meal time, the refugees may relax, play games and talk with our team about their struggles. Very often they ask questions about Jesus and then we have the opportunity to talk to them about the love and grace of God.


When we finish cleaning for the day, the team and the volunteers gather to talk about how the day went, how we saw God working among the refugees and us, etc.


We close our day by praying for those served.

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