Summer Camps

Summer Program for men and families


We assist with a summer program for families and for men that Hellenic Ministries operates and organizes each summer. It’s a blessing to serve with them and other local organizations each June. The participant refugees / immigrants have the opportunity to spend a week at a safe environment where they can play games, swim, as well as attend Bible lessons, thus learning about Jesus and the salvation He offers.


God had given us much encouragement throughout the years. We have witnessed many people arriving at a point of believing and praying for salvation.

Children’s Camp at Kalamos


With many believers’ prayers, support, and the cooperation of Greek Evangelical Church Camp, every year we send approximately 20-30 refugee children to Kalamos, Attiki. Three weeks at a Christian camp is the best thing for these children! They learn about God, make Greek friends, play together and learn the Greek language even better! This is what some parents have told us: “Never would we have allowed our children to go somewhere without us. Thank you so much for having them! It was the first time we could spend some time alone as a couple”. “When will you do a camp for parents?”

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